Skin Perfector & Skin Brightener

Skin Perfector & Skin Brightener

Our new Bio-Gels combine the healing properties of Aloe Vera & Essential oils to create tailor made skin treatments that are highly effective and give noticeable results. They target concerns such as Rosacea, Stretchmarks & Scarring (Skin Perfector) or Dark Spots & Uneven Skin Tone (Skin Brightener). They are hand-crafted with love here in the UK using pure yet potent natural ingredients. These products are designed to target specific problem areas and help restore healing and harmony, so that you can learn to truly love your skin once again.

How to use Bio-Gels...
These organic gels are gentle enough to be used on both the face & body. We recommend you apply twice daily, once in the morning & again in the evening to get the best results. Using your finger tips, gently massage a thin layer of gel into skin - a little goes a long way. Also, allow time for the gel to absorb fully before dressing or applying makeup. We recommend that you rub the products between your palms and inhale the beautiful natural scent before massaging into skin, allowing you to absorb the aroma-therapeutic benefits of these wonderful products. 

Not sure which Bio-Gel is right for you?

Read our new Blog and discover the benefits of these glorious Gels. Get ready to fall in love with your skin!  >> Bio-gels Blog <<

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